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The Untold Tales

Discover A Tale Worth Travelling For

Eccles Hotel & Spa in Glengarriff has re-established its rightful place as a West Cork destination.

Over 275 years old, these walls have rich stories to tell. But like anything that’s been around this long, much of the detail has been lost to time.

The Untold Tales recounts the stories of many people who have passed through the doors of Eccles over the past 185 years. From artists and poets to soldiers and troops, and from British Royalty to an Irish Taoiseach, with each arrival, a new tale began. By reading the Untold Tales you will be transported through the years and taken on a journey of how Eccles has been established as a stunning West Cork Jewel!

Grab an armchair with a view of the bay, or a spot at the bar in near proximity to your favourite tipple and let your imagination wander on what may have happened in this exact spot, who knows how many years ago.

Told with a lot of facts, a little fiction and plenty of creative license to fill the gaps.

These are Eccles’ Untold Tales.

If you enjoy the great pleasure of physically turning the page, our book can be purchased from the hotel reception.

Grab a coffee, put your feet up and let your imagination bring you here.


Discover our untold tales below, new chapter added monthly. 

Chapter Ten - Origin

This tale recounts the story of two fishermen turned interns.

Read Chapter Ten below now!