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Fennel & Sea Salt Fudge

By Head Chef, Eddie Attwell

Sweet and salty… The perfect combination for this mouth wateringly smooth fudge!


  • 375g Granulated Sugar
  • 125ml Liquid Glucose
  • 158ml Double Cream
  • 350g White Chocolate
  • 38g Butter
  • Dried Fennel Pollen
  • Sea Salt


  • Weigh out all your ingredients
  • Prepare your tin, by lining it with grease proof paper and sprinkle the base with a mixture of Dried Fennel Pollen and Sea Salt
  • In a pot over heat add Sugar, Glucose & Cream
  • Melt and continually whisk mixture until it boils to 125 degrees Celsius
  • Take off the heat and cool it to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Once it has cooled to the desired temperature, add the Butter & White Chocolate and mix until combined
  • Pour into the tray and press it flat
  • Let it to firm and cut to enjoy!

Extra Tip:

To keep it for longer, make sure to store your fudge in the fridge