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Phrases You Should Know Before Your Trip to West Cork

For those of you who may not have visited West Cork before, we have the best accent in all of Ireland! Okay, we may be a little bit biased, but we do have a distinct accent compared to wider Cork. We tend to sound softer and more melodic with our own unique features and variations.

Typically, individuals from West Cork in County Cork are generally easy to understand. However, we do occasionally employ our own unique language, which might perplex others. We utilize local idioms and expressions exclusive to West Cork, and we, The Eccles Hotel and Spa, are here to serve as your Irish phrase companion for your upcoming visit to the area!

“How’s she cuttin’?”

This is a common greeting used by the locals of West Cork, this is asked to find out how someone is doing.

“Grand soft day”

Believe it or not, West Cork isn’t always a sunny spot, so we use this saying to often describe the weather as both a mild and drizzly day.

“That’s fierce good!”

We love a good compliment here in West Cork, and this phrase is used to express enthusiasm or approval, saying to someone that something is really good!

“Go on ya boy ya”

To say well done! We use this one when we want to congratulate someone.

“Are ye goin’ to the jacks?”

This one tends to confuse many visitors to the area.. So, what are the jacks I hear you ask? Well, it’s just another word for the bathroom!

“Ah, sure look it”

Commonly used referring to a situation and there seems to be no other solution or alternative.

“Ye’re some cute hoors!”

There’s a lot of scutting (devilment) between people here in West Cork, and this saying is a great one to use in a playful or teasing manner, to tell someone that they are a crafty or clever person!

“We will have a lock-in”

This is our utmost favourite saying here in West Cork, everyone is always delighted to hear this being said… Who doesn’t love to continue having a drink in a pub after it officially closes!

So there you have it! Do you think you will be able to understand us when you come to visit us in West Cork?

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